Editor in Chief: Prof. Calogero Caruso, University of Palermo
Deputy Editors: Prof. Giuseppina Candore, University of Palermo
  Prof.ssa Ornella Piazza, University of Salerno
  Prof. Annibale Alessandro Puca, University of Salermo
Associate Editors: Dr. Giulia Accardi, University of Palermo
  Dr. Anna Aiello, University of Palermo
  Prof. Luca Bigatello, Tufts University, Boston
  Prof. Hannelore Ehrenereich, Max Planck Institute, Goettingen
  Prof. Guido Iaccarino, University of Salerno
  Prof. Nicola Maffulli, University of Salerno
  Prof. Giorgina Mieli Vergani, King's College London
  Prof. Shoko Nioka, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  Prof. Carmine Selleri, University of Salerno
  Prof. Neal S. Young, University of Helsinki
  Prof. Pietro Vajro, University of Salerno
  Prof. Alessandro Vatrella, University of Salerno
  Prof. Carmine Vecchione, University of Salerno
  Prof. Diego Vergani, King's College London
Managing Editor: Dr. Angelo Silveiro, University of Salerno

Translational Medicine @ UniSa was founded and is supported by the Medical School of the University of Salerno. Dissemination of scientific and medical research is quicker and smoother in open access on-line journals and thus TranslationalMedicine has been developed as a forum for the free and open international exchange of progress in Medicine. The journal welcomes all health-related papers concerned with the pre-clinical subjects and medical sciences as well as the studies in multiple basic science areas that include but are not limited to molecular and cell biology, genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.

Translational Medicine @ UniSa has a Journal Impact Factor = 1.5.

Current Issue: Volume 25, Issue 1 (2023)



What Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) doesn't say about allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT)
Gabriele Di Lorenzo, Marcello Melluso, and Alessandro Rodolico